Tissue Request

Looking for Tissue?


BNE has an extensive stock of human CNS tissue samples registered in a modern database, which is only accessible to BNE Members. In this way BNE can provide tissue very efficiently.  If you would like to request tissue, please contact the local Brainbank of your choice.


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Declaration of Tissue Use


BNE requires a declaration of intent regarding the responsible use of tissue supplied to users. As such, the tissue request form should be completed and signed as detailed below prior to the provision of tissue.

The requester shall declare that the tissue supplied will be solely used for the purposes of the project defined in the Tissue Request Form, and only by named collaborators (or research assistants) working under the direction of named individuals.

At all times, the local Brain Bank (supplying the tissue) remains the custodian of the tissue, and if tissue remains further to its use in named experiments, it is the responsibility of the researcher in question to return the remaining tissue to the local Brain Bank for respectful disposal.

The costs incurred for transport/shipping and (in some brain banks) for processing of tissue is the responsibility of the tissue request applicant(s).

The scientific results will be exploited with full consent of BNE. In particular, the local Brain Bank (supplying the tissue) and BNE must be acknowledged in any publication, including abstracts, related to the use of the specimens obtained. Specific citation will be included in both the Material and Methods section and the Acknowledgement section of the manuscript. In some cases, such as large requests for tissue and highly selected rare material, co-authorship of the Brain Bank(s) member(s) will be considered appropriate. The BNE office must receive a reprint of any publication in which material supplied by BNE was used, as well as yearly reports of the research project.

The requester is aware of the potential safety risks in handling human brain tissue and that BNE cannot guarantee that any of the brain specimens, even those considered normal, were not exposed or infected with potentially transmissible agents. He/she accepts full responsibility to insure that proper and approved safety precautions are employed when working with human brain tissue received from the Brain Banks of BNE.

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