Special expertises in Brain Banking within BNE

Particular Issues

A. Training for Non-neuropathology Staff in Brain Banking
There is clearly an opportunity in BNEII for training of young scientists and technical staff in aspects of high quality brain banking within BNE.  Experienced staff in these grades already exists within the network and can be recruited to pass on their skills to less experienced staff joining the newer brain banks. In time these skills can be packaged to external visitors.

B. IT Support

It is likely that brain banks have insufficient IT support and are not expert in database management. With increasing attention paid to IT security and privacy of information, the security of individual systems must be kept under review. Recommendations on the most relevant software and training in database management can be given by some sites of the BNE consortium.

C. Visits to Brain Banks

A programme of visits to other brain banks for BNE members is potentially useful simply through observation of different approaches to brain banking. To date, this programme is open only to BNE members.


If you are interested in taking advantage of one of the trainings offered by BrainNet Europe, please send your request to the BNE project office.

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