WP12 - Clinical Data Set

In close cooperation with WP11 this WP has designed a protocol of Minimal Clinical Data to help with obtaining:

  • A complete neuropathological diagnosis, including distribution and grading of lesions, stage of the disease and combination or association of different pathologies and diseases. 
  • A collection of clinical, morphological and biochemical data to define control brains as a basic tool to further understanding of human brain development, function and modifications with age. 
  • An optimisation of tissue sampling and processing for future research. 
  • A baseline of clinical parameters that might influence morphological and biochemical parameters.

Workpackage Leader

Prof. Dr. Isidro Ferrer

Phone: +34 (93) 403 5808 
Fax: +34 (93) 260 7503 
Prof. Dr. Isidro Ferrer

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