WP21 - Preservation of neurochemical substances
Preservation of neurochemical substances, i.e. their dependence on post mortem delay, agonal state and storage conditions etc. is of major importance for the evaluation of in vivo/ ex vivo conditions. Standardisation of neurochemical parameters is essential for the exchange of tissue in a European brain bank initiative. In addition quality control at certain reference centres and via "inter-laboratory trials" has been established. Specific objectives are to determine the best "pattern of conditions" for the most usual parameters and to elucidate optimum conditions for special parameters. Factors have to be determined that affect quality and yield of a certain parameter isolated from post mortem CNS and peripheral nervous system tissue. Consensus in the group will be reached for the standardisation of neurochemical parameters, measurements and diagnosis and standard protocols will be developed in the consortium for the use of snap frozen/deep frozen human neural tissue throughout Europe. This is followed by training of interested laboratories, information and distribution campaigns via scientific publications in respective journals and at the internet.

Workpackage Leader

Prof. Dr. Peter Riederer

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Prof. Dr. Peter Riederer

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