WP05 - Information Technology
Information Technology is essential for a functioning network. Within BNEII this work package is divided into two main areas: The BNE website and the BNE Tissue Database.

The BrainNet Europe website has been implemented to disseminate information on the project, brain banking issues, latest findings, results and events to the research community and to the interested general public. It shall moreover inform patients about brain diseases and about ways and procedures to become a brain donor.

BNE has created a modern database where an extensive stock of human CNS tissue samples is registered: the BNEII "tissue finder". It is only accessible by BNE members. In this way BNE can provide tissue very efficiently. It serves as the central European brain tissue database which facilitates a quick exchange of information concerning availability of brain samples for research purposes. Information in the tissue finder is restricted to members of the BNE consortium. It includes details of tissue preservation (post-mortem delay), the exact pathological diagnosis and some clinical details such as duration of disease, salient clinical signs, therapy, age and sex of the patient. As a matter, of course, absolute anonymity of data is preserved.

Workpackage Leader

Peer Schmitz

IT Systems Administrator 
Peer Schmitz

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