WP01 - Tissue Sampling
The goal of this  work package is to facilitate the use of human brain tissue in research and specifically to compare results obtained from histology with results of research utilizing techniques such as genomics and proteomics (See also WP17, WP18, WP19, WP21). This requires diagnostic (See also WP15 and WP03) security and knowledge that the samples are obtained, processed and stored in a standardised and defined way. Moreover this requires that each brain region is sampled and stored in various ways (fixed, cryoprotected frozen, fresh frozen), facilitating the use of samples obtained from one subject for multidisciplinary research of one particular disease process. The specific goal of this  work package is to reach a state where the participants are able to supply researchers with well characterised brain tissue sampled from reproducible anatomical areas both as fixed as well as unfixed frozen. A degree of standardisation between centres is needed when samples from different centres have to be pooled and used in one study, particularly when the disease in question is rather unusual.



Workpackage Leader

Prof. Dr. Irina Alafuzoff MD PhD

Phone: +358 (17) 162877 
Fax: +358 (17) 162048 
Prof. Dr. Irina Alafuzoff MD PhD

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