WP13 - Morphometry

Important observations on the histopathology of diverse neuropathological disorders have been based on measurements of morphological features seen in slices or microscopically. Morphometry enables an objective and more precise valuation than a semi-quantitative visual grading. The numerical values obtained by morphometry give greater ability for statistical application and facilitate comparison between diverse histological events and between histology and clinico-biochemical data. In this regard there is a number of considerations occurring choosing morphometric standards to be recommended for international brain banking.

In terms of choosing between various quantitative approaches and protocols, four basic standards should be met: simplicity, transferability, validity and versatility. The specific emphasis will be placed on procedures in tissue preparation, staining and dissection in relation to quantitative methods. It is expected that any suggested morphometric diagnostic standard:

  • can easily be performed in each laboratory, 
  • leads to the same results in different laboratories, 
  • is already internationally accepted or is adopted from an already internationally accepted standard, 
  • can be used for different neuropathological disorders.

Potential users will be able to obtain quantitative data for each diagnosed disease where morphometry is used as a diagnostic procedure. The quantitative methods will be standardised among multiple centres, and any morphometric standard would be able to be used in different centres and give the same results.

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Assoc. Prof. Nenad Bogdanovic, MD PhD

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