WP20 - Macro- and Microdissection of Unfixed Tissue

Precisely macrodissected and microdissected human brain tissue samples suitable for neurochemical microassays, molecular biology, microarray techniques and in situ hybridisation histochemistry are essential for comparable scientific studies. Precise macro- and microdissection needs best knowledge in neuroanatomy.

A well functioning coordination in microdissection of human brains from a great variety of neurological and psychiatric disorders with appropriate controls was established in this network. Usage and donation of the microdissected brain samples to researchers in various fields of neuroscience would ensure progress towards understanding neuronal mechanisms, as well as several aspects of neurological and psychiatric disorders.

The major goal is to increase the number of brain samples and enlarge the spectrum of neurological disorders in the collected brains for microdissection. The dissecting and sampling procedures are exceptional; the unique and important brain samples are readily available for researchers within different fields of neuroscience.
The objectives of this work package are first to summarize a detailed protocol used for the collection of brains, sampling (macro-, microdissection, tissue blocks) and storing the samples.

Rules and recommendations will be adopted for microdissection and donor programs in the European Union and joining states.
The ethical, clinical and neuropathological minimum criteria for brain samples with zero post mortem delay (neurosurgical samples) were worked out. The goal is to reach a consensus on the limitations that should be observed regarding post mortem delay.

Workpackage Leader

Prof. Miklós Palkovits

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Prof. Miklós Palkovits

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