WP19 - DNA Preservation
Several neurological diseases, in the context of familiar diseases or as punctual mutations in sporadic cases, are the result of transmitted genetic abnormalities. In addition to monogenic diseases, multigenic and polygenic factors are, probably, involved in the majority of neurodegenerative diseases. DNA preservation for further research is an important item in a brain bank facility. Standardisation of DNA preservation is the major goal of this work package.  
In order to standardise DNA preservation protocols will be validated that are directed to obtain DNA of human post-mortem nervous system from frozen, formol-fixed, and paraffin-embedded material. The limitations of sampling quality and reliability in particular conditions (i.e. treatment with formic acid) will be determined. The first step was to make protocols to standardize DNA extraction and preservation from frozen, formol-fixed and paraffin-embedded material available.

Workpackage Leader

Prof. Dr. Isidro Ferrer

Phone: +34 (93) 403 5808 
Fax: +34 (93) 260 7503 
Prof. Dr. Isidro Ferrer

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