Paris, France

Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris

Participant 08: Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris
CERVEN (Centre d'Etude, de Ressource et de Veille en Neuropathologie) de la Salpêtrière, Paris
Laboratoire de Neuropathologie Raymond Escourolle
Bd de l'Hôpital
75013 Paris


Project Leader

Prof. Dr. Jean-Jacques Hauw / Dr. Danielle Seilhean
Phone: +33 (1) 4216 1881  
Dr. Danielle Seilhean

Institute Presentation

Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris

Founded in 1984 by a grant from the French ministry of Research, the Brain bank in Salpêtrière Hospital, Paris, France, allows research teams from France and other countries to use specimen collected from autopsies and biopsies. These concern the brain, spinal cord, eyes, peripheral nerves, muscle and other tissues, depending on the disease and the donor's consent. The main diseases are the following: Alzheimer's disease, Motor neurone disease, Parkinson's disease and other parkinsonian disorders (progressive supranuclear palsy, multiple system atrophy), Huntington disease, Multiple sclerosis, and other degenerative, genetic and infectious disorders, including AIDS and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. These are kept in 10 deep freezers connected to alarms. The management of the bank is computerised.

Hospital and university teams from the Raymond Escourolle Neuropathology Department (Groupe Hospitalier Pitié-Salpêtrière, Pierre and Marie Curie University) perform the brain banking procedures.
This brain bank is open to every research team provided that the research has been approved by an ethic committee. The specimen are offered free of charges. More than 100 different teams have already received more than 17000 specimens from the bank.

The research interests of the team from Salpêtrière Raymond Escourolle Neuropathology Department are the following:

  • mechanism and diagnostic procedures of the degenerative diseases of the brain (with emphasis on Alzheimer's disease, Progressive supranuclear palsy and Motor neurone disease) and of prion disorders;
  • ethics, legal and security issues in Brain banking

Salpêtrière Raymond Escourolle Neuropathology Department

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