Project Governance and Decision Making

The Network Governing Board is the principal decision-making body of the Network and consists of all researchers and graduate students working for this Network.
The Network Area Boards are management groups for the work packages. The chairpersons manage the Network Areas and are members of the Network Co-ordination Committee.
The Network Co-ordination Committee is the supervisory body of the research activities which report to and are accountable to the Network Governing Board.
The IPR Council is the panel of arbitration with power to decide disputes amongst the Parties concerning Intellectual Property Rights.  
The Co-ordinator is the intermediary to the Commission who is authorised to execute the Network management. He reports to and is accountable to the Network Co-ordination Committee.
The Project Office (=BrainNet Europe Office) is the central office of the BrainNet Europe II. The Project Office is based at the co-ordinator in Munich. It is concerned with organization and coordination, data handling, information of BrainNet Europe II members and the general public.
The Co-ordinating group is composed of five members of the network and shall support and advise the Co-ordinator in management related matters.

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