WP08 - Protection of Data and IT Security
The ultimate goal of this work package is to secure the use of data stored in the network.

This implies:

  • To collect the procedures in use in the different brain banks, and the national regulations for electronic privacy information and civil liberties in the different countries. A census of the various procedures for acquisition, storage and use of information within the network, and of the national regulations for electronic privacy and civil liberties has been carried out.
  • To elaborate the safest procedures for gathering information and detecting any possible intrusion. These new protocols for safety procedures in information process will be provided to the various users of the brain bank network (bank officers, neuropathologists, neurologists, pathologists and neuroscientists).
  • To warn every user of the possible consequences of misuse of the security regulations for data collection and storage
  • To give regular courses on data protection in general, on how to protect computers systems and networks from damage and misuse, and how to design data bases. The courses should also focus on prevention, intrusion detection, threat assessment, target assessment as well as consequences of a data protection breach.

Workpackage Leader

Peer Schmitz

IT Systems Administrator 
Peer Schmitz

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