WP25 - Public Relations

The WP25 has identified three main objectives:

  • Help raising autopsy rates: to improve the image of brain research amongst doctors and hospitals.
  • Spread Excellence to Europe: to inform the research community more specifically about the existence of BNEII and its added value to their research projects.
  • Prepare for the continued existence of BNEII as a „European Brain Bank" after the end of the funding period.

In order to spread awareness of the existence and of the work of this Network of Excellence to both (neuro)scientists and to actors beyond research, efforts must be made to reach the scientific community and the interested general public. This will be achieved by means of press articles, presentations at national and international neuroscience meetings, the BNEII International Conference, information kits for scientists and patients and by the BNE website. The latter gives essential information on the work and results of BNEII and is updated on a regular basis.


Workpackage Leader


Ameli Schwalber
(Project manager - administrative matters) 
Phone: +49 (8141) 6252 8571 
Fax: +49 (8141) 6252 8577 
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