WP11 - Clinical Diagnostic Criteria

The value of a tissue sample made available to research workers is greatly enhanced by being clinically well-characterised. Good clinical data considerably increases the value to any research project and facilitates the identification of sub-groups of disease. Standardised and quantitative clinical data make possible clinico-pathological and multi centre studies.

To guarantee a well-characterised tissue it is necessary to:

  • Review and identify the current clinical criteria used for each disorder or disease which will be supplied by BrainNet Europe members. 
  • Seek to harmonize the criteria for use by BrainNet Europe following the best international practice.
  • Liaise with WP12 to identify salient and/or minimal clinical data for inclusion in the BrainNet Europe database in the BrainNet Europe database (e.g. age at onset for neurodegenerative disorders and type or neuroleptic in the psychoses). 
  • Gather key clinical data for these rare or unusual diseases, where international criteria are not available.

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Dr. Giorgio Giaccone

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Dr. Giorgio Giaccone

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