Brain donation - Step-by-Step

Notification of Brain Banks after the death of a Brain Donor

It is very important that the national Neuropathologists are notified as soon as possible to guarantee that the tissue can be used for scientific studies. The physician on duty will need the following information for further planning:

  • Identification of the deceased
  • Name and phone number of the chosen funeral home
  • Name and phone number of the responsible person on location

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Transport of the corpse

The transport of the corpse to the nearest institution and the autopsy will be organized by the local neuropathology departments.
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Informed consent

It is important that the original signed informed consent for autopsy and tissue donation is given to the undertaker at the time of transport. Otherwise it will not be possible for BrainNet Europe to perform the autopsy.
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The costs for transport to and from the institution where the autopsy will take place as well as the costs for the autopsy itself will be taken care of by the Neuropathology institutes.

The families of the deceased will therefore have no additional costs caused by the brain donation.

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